Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chasing down an apartment

This is me and my future roomate, Josie Siler. Josie worked for YouthBuilders as the office administrative assistant and has just left to work full-time at her local church office. Josie is a missionary candidate too, but with the Christian Missionary Alliance. She plans to leave sometime next year after she pays off her school bills. That's where I come in. Because Josie can stay with me, she will be able to pay off her bills on time. I get to have some company, and we both can now afford DSL ! :-)
Last week I spent 2 days in Menomonie searching for an apartment. My parents traveled with me and were a great help in asking questions. So I've finally chosen the place, it fits all my needs as well as Josie's and my start date is May15. Now, I can't go yet. I have to finish raising another $760 per month. So please pray for God to provide. I am in such a place that I have to be making the plans without the full security of my complete support. This is where trust is coming in. I battle myself with thoughts that I need to find ways to make this work; but realize that I can't. I am waiting on God. It sounds so trite. But seriously....I don't know what else to do. $760 seems so little and yet, so much. Please pray for me in this. My commissioning date is now May7, and I've got to start paying for my apartment May 15. Wow. It's actually happening!!!! Thanks for reading!! Posted by Picasa