Friday, June 25, 2010

Working on the website (again) and a new house!

So, during the time since we arrived at Ft. Benning, GA, we have been living first in Army Post lodging and then at a Residence Inn in Columbus. Although this house in the picture is not "THE" house (its one from our neighborhood) it shows you what our house basically looks like. All the houses on our street are the same, with different locations (obviously!) so as of Monday we have an address!
304 Miller Loop, Ft. Benning, GA 31905

Also, this week I traveled to Orlando, FL to meet with a summer intern that is helping us make our online presence better and with our contact for the MarketingDept. I have only met these folks on phone calls, and it was a great advantage to work with them in person. I got to Orlando Tuesday night and returned Wednesday night to Columbus (well, Atlanta airport actually!)
We have set a schedule of changes to our website in order to improve it and we have plans to connect better to Facebook and to Twitter. We are trying to improve our visibility. If you are interested in looking around our site a bit better, we've opened up the whole site (as opposed to just the main page) to visitors. So there's more to see!

Next week is our move-in week, and we will be having our first visitor! One of my Wisconsin girls is coming to visit, reason being for her to get out of town (she recently moved down South and lives in GA!) and to help me with our move-in. I don't really need the help, but its a good excuse for her and I to hang out and catch up and for Michael and I to be a testimony for Christ. She and I have been keeping up on Facebook, but this'll be our first time getting together for 3 years! Michael is excited to be involved in the life of a student I knew from before I knew him. I am looking forward to girl time and hang-out time and lots of talk time. She's staying for a week!!!
So pray for us, that the Lord would protect our attitudes during this time of transition, especially when we have another soul in our care.
See ya on the other side. Maybe with some good move-in pics!