Monday, December 14, 2009

What's been happening on the Central Coast?

Yup, married life has a whole new schedule. But I have been working right along with my organization, and we'll start with an update a few months back!
In October I went back down to Southern CA to attend a couple days of the Southwest regional recruiters retreat. There I presented the new outline of the future of NextGen and answer questions from the recruiters. It was a really good opportunity to solidify in my mind what my job really is supposed to be, by making a presentation. The powerpoint went well and I'm confident that our message was communicated to these busy people who will hopefully pass on some leads for our summer trips, GetGlobal!
Next, I attended the Missions weekend at Calvary church. I was really glad to be there this year especially, in order to re-emphasize the fact that I'm still involved. I was able to set up a nice display booth, provided through the recruitment department and had quite a busy weekend with friends and church members. I followed that trip up with a bit of family time as well.
After coming home, I attended another conference, this time to represent our organization at a youth convention of Assemblies of God Spanish churches. I had a great table display provided in part through my recruitment colleagues in Hemet. What a place that was, to hold a youth convention. Never in all my time as a youth leader have I seen such a place for youth. But I was able to chat with some teens, talk about the number of languages in the world that have no scripture AT ALL, and was pleasantly surprised to see such a compassionate response. I was also able to promote our newest available Get Global trip to Kenya in 2010. There seemed to be a high interest in that particular trip next July.
This coming December my team will be represented by my boss Tracy at the Urbana Conference, a huge gathering of college students to raise interest in missions. This being Michael and my first Christmas, and the first without Diane Stone, I decided that leaving on Christmas Day to get to the conference, wasn't the best idea for us. But Tracy will represent us very well!
In February we will be holding our annual NextGen retreat, and I am so excited to be hosting it here at our house in Cayucos! It will be a pleasure to use our house for ministry and I don't even have to leave Michael! woohoo!
The next year will already be bringing alot of changes for my new little family. We are to be stationed in Georgia starting in June, so we'll be packing up the house and preparing it for sale as well as saying goodbye to this lovely ocean I have become so fond of. We are looking forward to a bit more of "normal" after the last tumultuous year for Michael and his family. We'll even get to pick a new church home together for the first time! I also hope that I may be able to attend the Get Global trip to Kenya that I helping to organize, and my Mom and I are trying to fit in a trip to see my brother "over there" in April.
If you know of anyone interested in a work/translation exposure trip to Kenya in July 2010 who also may be interested in sign language work....give them my email address!
I hope that you have a Merry Christmas and enjoy time with those you love. Appreciate them for all you're worth!