Thursday, May 10, 2007

Turkeys and Teens

I got another glimpse of Wisconsin culture yesterday! Co-worker Gordy got a Tom Turkey for the season and invited me over to see it. I learned that Spring is the time for hunting Tom's and Fall is for hens. Learned a bit about "shot" and how they guys set up the area with decoy hens. Very interesting! I had to get my picture with this beautiful bird! :-)
Youth group met last night and I've included some pictures of that too. It's starting to really sink in that I'm not going to be with them much longer. I am sad that I can't invest more in their lives, I feel like I'm just getting started. They are God's kids though, not mine. I advertised a class to be held at my house on "home etiquette". The idea seemed to interest the group. I hope that a little snafu on the first date won't keep them from coming. School isn't actually out when I thought it was out, but I hope that won't stop 'em. It will be held for the four Wednesdays in June, and I'll be teaching how to set a table, serve and act at the table, how to act in different restaurants, how to formally introduce people and some other various topics that I can fit in. Oh well, it's something I can teach and something they may not get otherwise. Always good to know! and I get to spend more time with some of them! :-)
The news on the new job transition is that I'll be moving in July. I don't yet know when in July. Mom and I are going out to California to see the office in Temecula and the living situation. I've been talking to the office staff and there is a youth retreat, held in mid-July that I've been asked to be a part of. Don't yet know if I will be able to get out there in time for that or not. I've already had to turn down a Get Global trip to Peru for June. Just can't do it all! Next year though maybe!
I will also be trying to meet with an associate of mine in Next Gen, Tracy before I leave for the West coast. She lives in Michigan and we have lots of brainstorming to do!
prayer items: that kids who could benefit from the Etiquette class would be free to attend.
That the timing of my moving would work out best for both the new office and the kids in my youth group her in WI. Moving details and thoughts of that are creeping into my mind and becoming more of a reality! yikes! move again! OH, and also that the financial set up for my transition would be decided and settled and sufficient. A free place to live in California is definately a blessing! Thank you Tori!
Thanks for checking in! Have a lovely week!