Thursday, November 02, 2006

Youth group growth

Here it is, finally! A picture of youth group. What's weird is though, last night the group was double the normal size! I was told that a large bunch of the "newbies" used to come last year. Part of the reason was, I believe, that word got out that we were gonna do swing dancing afterward. Notice fedora in background :-) But maybe, just maybe the small groups are catching on. My girls and I had a really intense discussion on forgiveness, it's necessity and how to go about forgiving. That was definately a tough issue. Please pray for us, that we would be able to forgive those who have hurt us deeply, and that God would grant freedom through forgiveness. Pray against any strongholds in minds b/c of lack of forgiveness!
Lebanon stuff is going amazingly! God is suddenly providing the necessary personnel and I have been priviledged to see Gods' hand in the life of one of our potential team members as she is asking God for a way to use her life for Him. We are hoping to send a medical relief team the first few weeks of December. Pray that He would continue to call those we need to fill the team and that He would help them get the time off and the money they need to go!
Other than that, I have just about finished a brochure detailing the short term missions opportunities we are offering for 2007, and on a lighter note, I'm making bread for the first time tonight! :-) Well, the first time on my own.
On a final note, a lesson I am continuing to learn these days is, to make "God room" in my life, areas where what I promise is more than I can come through on my own, where God has to make up the rest. For example, promising that He will help my girls forgive, and that He will free them from their issues. He can, and I believe that He will. I can promise that, but only because He says He will, not because I can make it happen. I'm now just waiting to see Him do it! Posted by Picasa