Monday, June 19, 2006

What am I doing in Thailand

Everyone is asking, so what will you be doing for 3 weeks in Thailand? Well, we leave June 20 and will get there via, Tokyo and Bangkok and finally arrive in Chiang Mai June 22. We'll be almost 12 hrs ahead of the Eastern USA. We will immediately join a goodbye celebration for a veteran EFCA guy and a team of US adults who are leaving after 2 weeks working on the project. Most of the weekedays we will be laying brick, tying steel and laying concrete. We'll start our days at the hotel in Chiang Mai, not the typical American style hotel, but a hotel non the less. (I'm mouring the bamboo long house we had last time). Breakfast of rice and Thai foods, then after a morning of work we'll join the Lahu students for lunch. Work in the afternoon and dinner back at the hotel after cleaning up. 3 evenings out of the week we will be teaching American baseball to Thai and Lahu students in town. We hope to teach the English words that coincide with baseball while we teach the game. another purpose of the baseball games is to hook up the Lahu and Thai students together as they learn. The Lahu students are mostly Christian and the Thai are mostly Buddhist. We leave in 3 weeks, the Lahu students will remain and may be able to continue these friendships!
We will also visit a Lahu tribe one weekend. This is like National Geographic, for real. No electicity no running water....very scary and very cool. We will be going there to meet believers there and fellowship with them, and generally be encouraged and hopefully be a blessing in return.
I am scared, because I haven't been prayed up enough for this because of all the moving; and I'm so totally excited too! Looking forward to "simple" ministry! I expect to be challenged by God over my character, as always happens on these trips, and I am looking forward to the end result in my spirit. We're leaving tomorrow!!!!! Our flight leaves at 3:00 for Tokyo. thankyou to all of you who are my supporters and therefore are going with me! Thank you to all of you who care and are praying for me!