Thursday, May 31, 2007

New Office and goings on

Hello! I missed last week, because I was traveling back to Connecticut to attend a few weddings and catch up with family in the mean time.
The picture is of "my" cubicle in Temecula offices of my new organization. They already have a space picked out for me! All the decor is native dress of South America.
I've been so blessed to be home in CT, visiting with so many of you who read this blog, as well as some of my girls that I need to keep in better touch with. God has encouraged me through some surprising conversations with friends and partners. Some have been used by God to speak directly to me, regarding particular prayer requests I have had and I am amazed by how gracious God is to me. He goes beyond the necessary in order to counsel me. Wow.
I attended the wedding of Matt Toms and Olivia Paris who were "kids" in my youth group and have since become fellow youth workers and friends. This weekend I will attend the wedding of Laura Plouffe, who is also one of my former "kids" and has actually been a good friend although are ages are quite apart. How special to have two important weddings a week apart, with Memorial Day in between!
I miss my kids in Wisconsin. I have missed another youth group meeting, and it may have even been the last "official" youth meeting for this school year! *sad I will be starting an etiquette class next Wednesday though, as long as some of the kids actually RSVP! Prayer requests would be that I can think of a good goodby gift for each of my girls, that will be a reminder of God and an encouragement. Also, that the "right" kids would attend my little class. I look forward more to the time I'll spend with them teaching, than really what they'll learn! Is that selfish? :-) A neat praise, beyond the tremendous encouragment that God has completely showered on me through my partners this week, is that Dan Getz Jr. has blessed me with some unused Northwest miles and I am now able to get to CT from San Diego for the missions conference in October! :-) Yup, if you know me, it just fits that I'm already planning travel 5 months in advance! *hehe.
Thanks for reading! I am nothing without God's hand in my life and nothing without the you my friends and partners!! Don't forget, we are in this TOGETHER!