Thursday, November 16, 2006

Where have I been?

Well, been in Florida, thanks to Mom and Dad; visiting my grandfather Pitts. This is our golf outing, and no I didn't golf great, but not horribly for a 2 year hiatus!
Florida weather was absolutely amazing, and I was priviledged to miss a fairly good snow back at home. When I returned to Menomonie there was snow all over the roofs (still is) and a good bit of snow on the ground, which has since melted.
PopPop is 88yrs old, my Dad's dad. We had a good time golfing and fishing and playing Sequence games. It's important to catch up with him a couple times a year. Wish it could be more, but just doesn't happen. These days when an opportunity comes, we all (Pitts family) take it! You just never know.
Even while I was in Flordia, I was helping to coordinate this medical mission trip to Lebanon. So far we've got 2 doc's and 2 nurses and one EMT/videographer! They'll be there in December. God has arranged it all, including time off for everyone and the finances as well. This whole experience has been a learning one for me. Sometimes it feels like I'm learning on the fly. Some would say that's the best way. Hmmmm. It is exciting though!
We will be planning more medical and some construction trips there next year. If you know of anyone who would like to go, let me know!
Next Thursday will be THANKSGIVING! YAH! I'll be home in Connecticut again! can't wait!
See some of ya there!