Saturday, April 01, 2006

Replaced by a computer!

So, this is the ultimate! Have yourself replaced by a machine, in fact a lot of machines! I have worked for Dan Getz at BG Lubricare Dist. of CT for the last, oh, many years. I can't remember how long, 7 years or more. I have been doing data entry for their sales invoicing. But since I will be moving to Wisconsin in order to begin to work for the EFCAIM, they decided to get technologically advanced instead of replace me with more help. Now all the salesmen will carry Palm's connected to modem's and record, print and download all their invoices. It's actually a really cool set up! Bill Stratton suggested that they call these Palms "dagney" so that when something goes wrong they can blame, "Dagney". Very funny..... So here's another proof that I am to be moving soon. I'm even losing my position with the best company in Connecticut, and a great job under the best boss in the world, Dan Getz. He has been an amazing example to me and a great example to anyone who desires to honor God in the world of small business! Thanks Dan for all the years of working for BG and I wish you as much blessing as God will give you. Posted by Picasa