Saturday, January 10, 2009

whew! all things New Year

well loyal friends. My life has been crazy and getting time to sit down and post a blog didn't happen. So where have I been and what am I up to.
First the BIG news (that to most isn't really news anymore) December 5 Michael proposed in his airplane at 5,500 ft and we got engaged! Our wedding is planned for May 16, 2009. That may also explain why I've been so busy!
Then Dec 9-12 I went to Waxaw North Carolina to take the last of our recruiter training. I was able to share my fun news with my co-workers and to see the famous aviation facility! To be honest I was all choked up when it was my turn to take the tour. I'd dreamt of working as a pilot for them while in college and there is a special place in my heart and mind for them. I was so glad to have a fellow pilot friend who actually flew for them and now works in Southern CA as a recruiter, who took me into the hangar after the group was gone so I could take some pictures with the planes. :-) I was so excited!!
December 18 I left for home and the holidays. There was a feeling of enthusiasm for the celebration and for Michael's arrival on the 23d but there was also a feeling of dread for the goodbye's and departure of my brother and his family. I wanted time to fly and I wanted time to STAND STILL! We as a family tried to soak up all available time and appreciate every last minute but the post Christmas separation the day Michael and I were leaving for Spain was gut-wrenching. I was especially grateful to have Michael as a part of this difficult time and learn to lean on him instead of my brother when I hurt. Perfect time for that.
We left for Spain taking planes and a train and getting a glimpse of the Old World. We were there to visit Michaels brother Jeff and his Spanish family including two little nieces. We were in Zaragoza most of the time and at the end of our trip got to see Madrid for a day. Surprisingly, the area of Spain that I saw, looked a lot like Southern California!!
Michael and I departed company in London Heathrow airport and while he flew to LA I had a 7 HOUR layover!!! Sooo, I took the Underground to downtown and looked around snowy London and got the stamp on my passport! (woohoo) I left for NYC and got to CT again late Monday night, just in time to celebrate Epiphany or Three Kings Day to the Spaniards.
I have been spending the last week here doing marathon wedding preparations and am due to leave for home on Monday the 12th. Whew!
Hope that's a good catch you upper! Will have ministry news forthcoming in the next blog but for starters I'll be leaving for Florida and the tri-annual recruiters conferences Jan 23. I have a 45min "seminar" that I share with my two co-workers on recruiting the Next Generation and I'm assisting with the worship times by playing the guitar and singing. I get back to CA again Feb 1.
Happy New Year everyone and thank you for your interest and prayers for our organization on my behalf!