Friday, March 21, 2008

Is it Spring now?

Beautiful California! Recently my days have been full of youth ministry at my local church, everyday work at the office in Temecula and working on finding a new place to work out of. Looks like it's a great possibility that I'll be working out of the offices of the National Network of Youth Ministries! More about that when it is official. I had a great opportunity to meet with the Para-Chapel ministries of Camp Pendleton last week, and that has led to more opportunities, as i will be meeting with a couple of the chaplains in the next week or so.
I had a friend come out to visit me from Nebraska. Keith came for the weekend last, and I was able to take him with me to help me with a fly-over in the Palm Desert that I attended as ground support, and then I got to show him San Diego!
Next week I will be in Dallas for recruitment meetings at our offices there. I look forward to these times, as I get a renewed excitement for my organization. When I return next Saturday, I'll be making preparations for a sleep over of 9th grade girls, at my house! I am so excited. I am glad to finally be getting into a bit deeper relationships with these new girls. They seem excited to come too. I prayed that God would work in this, that we would have some good significant conversations regarding their faith and that it would come naturally.
I must update you on Gypsy, my dog training client. I will get more pictures. FOrgot to take me camera this week! She has learned heel, sit, stay, down and this week "come". She has breezed through most of her training until we got to "down". Surprisingly, she showed her little bit of passive aggressive nature, and was not doing down for a few days. Her owners wondered if she'd ever get it, but in the end it really was just a stubborn attitude in the way. This was the first command they had to really try to teach. But she does it now, and beautifully! Now we are working on her "come", which she is good at but....because she they haven't had to correct her very much, now that they need to use the "no" off-leash, it isn't affecting her as it should. She does not have enough experience learning what "no" feels like. We are needing to be creative to figure out a way to get her to respond to the verbal "no" without the correction. Anyway, she will be learning "place" next week and then we'll be done! wow! I've been told that she is much easier to handle with the kids around, that she will obey at the park and is much better with people in general. Our biggest task is to get her so comfortable with the commands as to stop the submissive peeing!
So, that's what's up here in SoCal! There will be more to come! Thanks for being a part of it with me.