Thursday, April 10, 2008

Goodbye's and Airplanes

Last week was just a plain old work week, but I feel like I've lived two weeks in one!
The first two pictures are of our office closing celebration last Tuesday. The office in Temecula will be officially closing May1, but we are preparing the move out throughout this month. People from all over the area and from Florida came. We had a luncheon and a little meeting, as well as got a group shot!It was a time of tears for some, as they shared lots of memories. It was a good closure though for most.
Like I told you last week, last Monday I met with two chaplains on Marine Base Camp Pendleton, to discuss ideas of how we can minister more effectively to the young people on base, essentially the military "brats". Having grown up as a Navy brat, I am eager to find a way to get involved in any sort of ministry to these kids and as you know youth ministry is my "thing"! So through our discussions, God made is clear that we should ask the local churches for help in doing this. So we have set up a meeting on base for a few weeks from now and we are praying that many churches will come to hear the 2 big ideas we have for how they can assist the chaplain corps in reaching the youth on base. I am more excited than I can say, as this week I have been seeing a super response so far to the idea (which was God's) and I continue to pray that God will raise up the churches He wants to use for this work!
The last picture is a new hobbie of mine! *kidding! Actually I helped work on a plane this Saturday in San Diego, with a group of people I met, who love airplanes too. This C-45 was going through it's annual in order to be ready to fly this weekend. I was just helping screw some bolts in in an awkward spot! whew! but I learned some new things about airplane maintenance (have a longgggg way to go!) and I enjoyed simply hanging out at the hangar with the others.
Please pray with me over the preparations for the Camp Pendleton meeting. That God would help us to make those churches aware that need to come and that we would have a great response, enough to fill the need for mentors to kids left behind by deployed parents and the need for a consistent youth ministry on base. Thanks!