Monday, September 25, 2006

I was away and now it's FALL!

How do you like the "BIG PIG"? I went to the well known Minnesota State Fair at the end of August. It was supposedly the thing to do! Wow. The Big E, you New Englanders will know, holds not a candle to this. The Midwest knows how to do a state fair. But, an evening was enough to get the idea. There was so much eating, it was amazing. Fried Cheese curds! I mean, wow. Cheese curds and FRIED! But it was still really fun.
I was away from Sept5-15 and then I was out of habit and didn't send up a blog last week either. So sorry! I'll be sending up a few this week,just to get y'all caught up. More pictures etc.
As for weather, it is definately Fall now. Some days it's cloudy and some it's sunny ,but the trees are turning colors and the apples are in season. There are even Halloween decorations going up and it's only September! I won't get going on that subject.... So, we're on our way to the "cold" weather that everyone here is already discussing. Oh boy!


Will and Amy said...

Mmm... fried cheese curds:D You can get those at the Big E! Wow... what memories I (we) have of the MN State Fair last year.

Did you have the "insert food here" on a stick?

Nomad said...

Welcome back! We missed you.

Keep us posted how life in on the ministry trail.

Mrs. E. said...

That is some pig--the pink one :)
Enjoy the is Mr E's favorite season. And it is truly coming on strong here.
Looking forward to further updates.