Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We're enjoying each others company. Visiting with church friends, and generally feeling very blessed. I hope your holidays are as special as our are. Well what to say, except Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me and the Pitts family!


Anonymous said...

Hello Dagney,

It’s a long time ago, since we mailed each other. It seems that your old e-mail adress is no longer active. Once in a while, I read your blog, so we keep a little bit in touch with you.

Well whats the news from Holland? Everyhing is going rather well. The kids are still at school. Martine, our oldest daughter, is 19 and has a nice boyfriend since almost one year.

Bart is seventeen and is planning to do a one year training at the Evangelical Highschool. He will get there lessons about religion and his personal development. After that he likes to do a training for chemical analyst. Suzanne is thirteen now and a real adolescent. This gives a lot of discussions. You are working with teenagers, need I tell you more?

This year, after a long period of hesitation and praying, we officially moved to another church. We visited this church already for a few years. This church is less “oldfashioned” and has a bigger drive for evangelisation. It feels for us like coming home! We are getting more and more active in the work for thee Kingdom of God. In 2006, Martine went with the youth of the church to Greece, to help Albanian refugees. Bart went this holiday to Romenia to help HIV-infected children. Adrie assists with work for mentally disabled people in our church. I have been chosen to deacon last summer. You can say there are a lot of good things going.

As you can see at the bottom of this mail, you can see photo’s of our family at

We wish you a Happy New Year from Holland.

Gert, Adrie, Martine+Lambert, Bart en Suzanne