Friday, May 23, 2008

New friends and New ministry

Some of you may be saying, "finally! a picture!". Yes, my friend Kate Sutton, our youth pastors wife, remembered her camera for our "girls night out" this Monday and I'm so glad she did! I always forget! A bunch of us "girls" got together to say goodbye to Kate and just for fun. Kate and her husband Terrance are leaving us and moving back to Chicago. So our church is looking for another youth pastor. I have been very blessed to get involved with a youth ministry team of fun people. We meet after group every Wednesday and this was our first girls night.
Also, on the job ministry front (as opposed to the personal ministry! lol ) We had our second meeting at Camp Pendleton for the new youth ministry starting there. God continues to do things His way, as opposed to the way I expect. A Young Life team is being formed, to be a foundation ministry for the fluctuating military community. We had some new people come, and a few from our previous meeting. I was a bit discouraged, as there were a number of people missing that I expected to see, but as is His way God brought those people that He wanted to be there. Everyone that came was really enthusiastic and ready to begin! The first youth gathering will be an ice cream social next Thursday. There are 800 young people on the South side of the base (which itself contains 30,000 people!!). Please pray with us, that most of these young people will show up. We'd rather have too little ice cream, than too much! :-) The Young Life director here says that the leadership information meetings have been exceptional. He rarely gets so many interested volunteers as we have the last few meetings. God is truly in this. I am just so glad God has allowed me to be a piece of that! It is hard to explain how good it feels, to be involved in youth ministry with military's kinda like coming "home". If you want to know more about this kind of ministry, check out
Thanks for checking in! I'll be in CT as of Memorial Day, and then our family is going down to Virgina. I'll be seeing some of you soon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Dags:

Glad to see some photos w/friends! I hope to hear from you via phone whenever you can. I miss our Tuesday night chats.

Hope you are well and enjoying family time. We're going to the family cottage (leaving Thurs 5th-Sunday 8th) to do some fishing. I hope it doesn't rain the whole time! I'll be thinking of you and wishing you were w/us to play your guitar and catch up.

Love ya lots: Bren (for the guys)