Monday, March 28, 2005

So, when do you leave?......everyone asks…..

Answer...I have to raise all my support first. I don’t know when that will be! Aaghg.
I’m learning an important lesson in the way God works. He needs me to come to the end of my abilities in order for me to know Him better.
What will my job be? I am to be the Recruiting and Marketing member of the Youthbuilders staff. Speaking to youth pastors, missions boards, youth and parents about the awesome opportunities available to serve God on the mission field as a teenager. To spread the word how churches can influence the world with THIS generation! I want the local churches to realize a vision for their youth in worldwide evangelism! It is documented* that short term trips can be extremely beneficial if not a deciding factor in confirming the desire to serve in full time career missions.
I have been in Youth ministry now for going on 12 years. Almost all of my time has been spent at the local church level, serving under 4 consecutive youth pastors and attending innumerable retreats and events. I’ve attended and/or helped lead 8 missions trips including the last with Youthbuilders. Wow, what a difference! Youthbuilders is a quality outfit!
My first dream was to fly for JAARS or MAF, but that wasn’t God’s intention and He placed me in a ministry that I love, with teens in short term missions! Now I just want to get there.