Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Are Short-term mission trips really worthwhile?

I wish that every Christian in our American churches would go on ONE short term missions trip. It would affect the church in ways we can only imagine! For me my mission trips have opened my eyes to notice what I DO have, the blessings of living in America, and the responsibilities! I pray differently, I give differently, and I see the greatness of the task of evangelism beyond my own town. I am less annoyed by the kid in the row behind me or the lady with a candy wrapper, when I attended a church where chickens and dogs attended and kids played with HUGE bugs, right in the isle! I have had a chance to see what is really important in life, because I’ve seen how others have joy in Christ, in spite of hunger and the comforts of life. Yes, our churches would be so different if we all saw the worldwide church at work. Short term missions is critical to the task of evangelism and the work of God in us.