Friday, June 16, 2006

Thailand for 3 Weeks!!!

I'm posting now, for the next addition because I'm going away next Tuesday morning for 3 weeks and won't be able to blog again until I return! yes, Thailand again. This time we'll be a very small team, 3 teens and Gordy, Bear and me. I'm looking forward to this beautiful country, hard work, yummy tribal food and just......missions. It's always a spiritual battle, and I am always stretched, but I always am so glad for the exercise! :-) My prayer requests are that I would be spiritually prepared for all that God has coming our way, for unity amoung the 6 of us, (OH! and there are a few local missionary girls joining us when we get there!) Also, for a good relationship with the one teen girl that is coming from the States with us who will be my roomate while we're there; and finally that we would be a blessing to the Lahu ministry and the local community.
See ya on the other side! Posted by Picasa