Thursday, February 15, 2007

A bit of youth ministry buzz

Youth ministry really is fun. We've been hanging out quite a bit more, these last few weeks. This is Cassy and Rosie. two of my girls. They stayed over last Friday night along with Rosie's sister Joanie. We had a really good time just hanging out, sleeping in and being together all day Saturday. I want the girls to feel at home and welcome at my place. We watched some movies, ate breakfast and played on the computer and watched another movie, and talked before they left Saturday evening. Then again yesterday (Valentines Day) before youth group meeting, Rosie, Joanie and their friend Annie came over to help me bake cookies to take with us. I was really glad to have some company for the day and we had a good time watching "Sense and Sensibility" while the cookies baked. Youth group meeting was again, a spiritual battle but it seemed to go well. The topic was Creation/Evolution and with a few kids who are very skeptical of "religion", this was making me a abit nervous.
BUT, God provided good material, and the kids were asking good questions, and overall it was a good discussion! Thank you God!
In the next few weeks I'll be planning on having the girls over more and I've been talking with some friends about starting a girl's only "charm class", on how to eat at a table, how to take care of yourself and all about who we are in Christ as a woman/girl. If you're looking for prayer requests, this would be one. That I would know how God would like me to work with these girls and to add to their lives in various ways. I have been blessed by their trust and I look forward to being even more a part of their lives! Youth ministry rules!


Kayleen Bartz said...

Hi Dagney
I love your blog I cant wait to read more.