Tuesday, February 13, 2007

You gotta see this!

I'm adding a post in the middle of the week, because I wanted you to see this "local culture", before my next regular blog posting on Thursday. This is a 50/50 raffle that the Lions club runs. The way it works is you buy a ticket in order to choose a day that the "Klunker" will go under the water. Then when the time seems to be drawing near to the ripe time, they set up a camera with a time/date stamp. People then begin to buy the time it will go under. Whoever wins, by choosing the right day and time, wins 50% of the money that was raised by selling tickets and the Lions club gets the other 50%. Pretty cool deal! I have yet to buy a ticket, but I'm gonna join in the fun too! BTW this is Lake Menomin, which is the lake that Menomonie sits beside. It is right in town. What fun these Wisconsinites come up with for Winter, eh? hehehe