Saturday, March 03, 2007

California Camping

Yes, California has snow! I'm up in the mountains of Big Bear Lake. If you've been following the
story, you'll know I am working to help staff a winter camp program for a camp here in Big Bear called Pine Summit! Well I hung out at the camp facility this week with a few other members, and now we've begun the next Winter camp weekend. Tonight was our first meeting and Tribal time. All day tomorrow we've got meals with the kids, meetings, worship services, Tribal times, tribal games and all sorts of fun camp stuff. I am supposed to speak at Saturday nights rally. Please pray for me to have passion that the campers can catch, that God speaks through me and that I will be clear and focused! I am to give the final HooRah speach. I am nervous, because I don't want myself to get in the way of what God would have me say. I want Him to speak to these kids through me. He did it last week, mightily. I pray that He will honor me again and use me.
I did get to ski on Thursday, thanks Mom! What great snow and they called it "packed powder"! They have no idea what "packed" powder is unless they've seen New England "packed powder"! The mountains here are so beautiful! The big Ponderosa pines still amaze me. We had a few snow storms this week as well.
I had some really nice slow days, that I could do lots of quiet time and had a particularly special prayer time with a gal who stayed this week too. We went hiking on Monday and that's the first picture of me and the "bear"! Can you see the ski resort in the background?
There has been some talk about me possibly moving to California instead of Texas. We've got some figuring out to do. The cost of living in CA is much higher, but the interest among youth ministries is greatly increasing, due to this camp program the last 6 weeks. You could pray for me that I would know Gods best in this situation and that He would also guide my boss Mike, to help make the decision about where I should go first.
Lots of exciting stuff happening in missions. I am more and more excited about the priviledge to serve with this organization! Wow! What a commission God has placed on the back of them. I can see how God has led me here and what a good fit I'll be here.


Lynne Croswell said...

We've enjoyed reading your blog and we're excited about your new vision.
I thought of you the other day when I read an article in the local paper. I recalled your Wisconsin fun with the Klunker lottery when I read about the outhouse races near Killington. Looks like teams of four, one person inside, pushing an outhouse across ice. Not sure about the details but it seems New Englanders are trying to chase away the winter blues too.

rcsnickers said...

and I thought Snow Camp at WOLBI was fun and beautiful. Looks and sounds like where you are tops it!

Glad you are having a good time. Thanks for sharing specific ways to pray for you!

Stay warm and emjoy camp,