Friday, August 17, 2007

Paul Washer sermon jam 1

I thought this video was a refreshing challenge to our young generation, as well as us. Tell me what you think.


Nomad said...

Wow, Martin Luther would HATE this video. He struggled his whole like with this question, and only found peace when he realized that it was up to God as to whether he was saved and NOT up to him. This essential question, and the uncertainty it brings, were one of the driving forces that began the Reformation.

That being said, the theme of "examine yourself" and "know yourself" presented in the video is a good one. We need gadflies to keep us awake and keep us honest.

Michael said...

WOW... Very powerful words being said in this video.
It really get you thinking about if one is truly saved or just an imitator.
Thanks for posting it, hope lots of people are watching it and take heart to what is being said.

Anonymous said...

Well!!! The part about looking for loop holes in God's Word really gets to me, only the Holy Spirit knows what it does to my mind, but it is a struggle! I think it is a struggle understanding Sin & Grace! pp