Friday, September 26, 2008

Arizon trip

I've added two posts this week. The first one is below and I added that on Wednesday. This one is to update you on what happened since I got back from NC.
Last week from Tues-Fri I was in Catalina (ie.near Tucson) AZ. Our organization held some Child Safety Seminar classes, which I along with my colleagues attended on Wednesday. Thursday we met to discuss the future of our camping programs as well as to try to better define our dept.
In the evenings we shared meals both at our recruiter friends home one night and a retired organizational member the next. We got to watch 2 fabulous sunsets in Arizona! The desert in the southern part of our United States is absolutely beautiful. AS you can see!
This week at work I've had a lot more to do. I'm keeping up with a number of new recruits in my specialty age group and we are starting work on some new ideas. Which I will tell you about as i have a better idea of how it might work out. if you know anyone who might be interested in a short term mission trip to Cameroon, Africa next summer. We are in the beginning stages of planning one. Let me know!
Youth group on Wednesday was so much fun. I ran the game, which is not my favorite thing to do, but I used a game we used in Russia and it was alot of fun. Our group has dwindled in size. There are probably a number of factors why. One of them being we lost our youth pastor earlier this summer so we're starting up again fresh. We have a tiny little budget too, but that is normal for youth groups all over the country! Gotta get creative!
I finished my office finally, so next week I'll post pictures of my "other world"!
Thanks again for checking in! andPS> don't forget there are two posts this week. I want you to meet Michael my boyfriend.


Mike Greenberg said...

Wow! You have a great ministry - and passion! Thank you for what you are doing - especially with the Bible translation.

Just saw your post and wanted to say hi, and keep going!

Should you need any evangelism tools (we can send samples) - just ask.