Sunday, April 15, 2007

Just a quick hello!

I know it's been way too long in my posting! I've been away from the internet. I am currently in Florida at Training Camp! We just started yesterday. I was able to come a few days early and visit my elderly grandfather just South of here.
This picture here is of the girls movie day I held just last Saturday. A bunch of my youth group girls came over all day Saturday and we watched Jayne Austen movies! I prayed that it would not only be a fun day, but that the girls would feel safe at my house, that they would feel peaceful and that it would be a blessing to them. i asked God to use it in their hearts and lives. I believe He did. I saw and heard evidence throughout the day that the girls enjoyed themselves and that they were blessed. I am so grateful. In fact, i must make time to do it again as a few of the girls told me that they wished we would. So! We will! Here in this picture are Left to Right, Rosie, Alex and Sabrina. Also I had Tiffany, Kayleen and Joanie. It truly was a "girls" day! We even had scones and tea at "tea time"! :-) A few of them stayed overnight and we went to Easter Sunday service together. THAT was a blessing to me! Having company in the morning and on the ride to church! :-)
I have already been blessed today at Training Camp, here in Orlando FL as we listened to stories of other training camp members that led them to this organization and how God has worked in their lives. I look forward to getting to know Wycliffe staff and I am sure that God has something in the plans to work on me as well. I'll be here until April 28! I should know by the end of this trip where I will be moving! *finally* :-)